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Final Policy Preparation

Final Title Policy gets quintessential in a mortgage transaction. It's a breakthrough towards fulfillment of mortgage deal to both lender and owner.

Our policy Department, checks the filed documents, yet again, for accuracy we begin the process of preparing the final title policy by:

  • Making sure that the conditions on the commitment have been met
  • Making phone calls on all liens to verify that they have been paid and that a release will be sent to us
  • Checking the HUD Settlement Statement for insurance requirements and any endorsements that might be required

The policy is then typed, proofread and finalized in closing software. All you need to do is print it and mail to the appropriate party.

Our department also provides customer service to assist the lenders, brokers and customers with any post-closing questions or concerns they might have. Many of us are also cross-trained in other departments, allowing us to expedite service effectively and efficiently.