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Logistics Back-Office

Infinity provides wide range of customer service and transaction processing services to the logistics industry. Infinity acts like an extended arm of your transportation department to provide turnkey back-office processing services for your transportation needs. Our services includes, but not limited to, Bills of Lading preparation, Airway bills preparation, Arrival notices, Sailing schedules, Preparing and auditing customer invoices, Auditing vendor bills and carrier contracts.

Infinity Services


  Customer Booking

  Preparation of Trade Documentation (Bills of Lading/Delivery Order/Arrival Notices/All manifest preparation etc)

  Tariff filing

  Contract management and maintenance

  Claims handling and resolution

  Approval for Hazardous Cargo

  Help Desk / Business System Support


  Receive request for quotes

  Customer verification- new or old

  Contract Validation

  Retrieve product / service information

  Retrieve pricing

  Apply discounts

  Validate and apply freight terms

  Obtain approvals for non-standard deals

  Validate service level and service availability

  Generate a quote

Order Processing


  Receive order through client system

  Validate the quote if applicable

  Customer verification

  Validate contract details

  Verification of PO with customer agreement

  Check for export controls and denied party status

  Validate orders

        :-   Configuration

        :-   Pricing

        :-   Credit Check / Payment

        :-   Fulfillment lead time

        :-   Terms and conditions

        :-   Approvals

        :-   Currency

  Validate commission details


  Order Scheduling

  Assign committed dates based of lead time

  Interact with order processing to capture, expedite, change or cancellation of request

  Order re-scheduling (if necessary)

  Supply order

  Interface with manufacturing

  Re-assign process


  Pick release


  Returns management

Billing & Collection

  Billing record creation

  Billing frequency verification

  Generate invoice

  Dispatch invoice

  Verify revenue recognition rules

  Verify revenue allocation rules

Customer Care

  Answering customer queries

  Track and Trace Support

  Research and resolution of customer issues (payment terms, wrong invoice etc)

  Service Contract renewals

  Service contract term change

  Updating change in entitlements

Communication Documentation Amendment Finance - AP&AR Inland Logistics
Vendor Management and Customer Service : Carrier Negotiations & management (cost, service, capacity, etc). Compliance checks, 3pl - routing violations, etc?(email, chat and voice) Managing and Processing Inward/Outward Quotations Audit, Rate Check Sea-freight Contract Management Transportation Management: all modes
Arranging cargo insurance Sales & Purchase order management Validating Invoices GL Coding, Invoice auditing, rating and payment Arranging transportation from Shipper to Port and from Port to Consignee
Track and Trace Support for all modes Preparing BOL/HBL Validating freight rates and classifications Address Validation Invoice Printing and Mailing solutions Validating Inland vendors? invoice Auditing and Authorizing pay
Intimating Arrival Notifications, Detention/Demurrage to all parties Preparing or modifying commercial invoices Surcharge Verification Carrier dispute resolution Liaisioning between third parties to move the shipments
Liaise with Brokers to Arrange for Fulfilling TEU Commitments Preparing other Trade Documentation Cargo Manifest, Airway Bill, ExDec, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Dock receipts for loaded containers, etc? Verification of Additional Port Charges Payment Tracking Vendor Invoice Audit
Provide Raw Quote to shippers along with list of brokers Cargo Security Filing with AMS (USA) and ACI ( Canada ) within prescribed time Verification of Contingency Charges    
  Scheduling and Publishing of Vessels Revise and Finalize Invoice for Finance Team    
  Validating of Customer and Broker Information Inventory management    
  Broker Commission Calculation      
  Raw Quotation Preparation for Brokers      
  Filing the Rates of Brokers (Filing of final rates) in Freight Control Module