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Title Production, Tax certification, HUD Preparation, Loan Payoff Services

1. Order Opening and Preliminary HUD

Your title orders could be opened by us. You may receive your orders from various sources in various formats. We can type into your commitment software. We also help to produce estimated HUD statement

Our HUD Preparation comprises of gathering and compiling lender, third party, borrower and settlement agent fees and completing HUD I settlement statements

For a decent, safe and affordable housing our HUD preparation Service proves to be fruitful.

HUD settlement statement is prepared in accordance with the lender's closing instructions and the requirements of the title insurance commitment, if applicable.

Preliminary HUD settlement statement is provided to the lender and/or investor for approval prior to the physical signing, if necessary

2. Commitment Typing

Manual abstracts (hard copy abstracts from registered deed offices) are typed accurately within 2 hours to 15 hours turnaround time! We can type abstracts and tax information into commitment software or we have developed integration with major commitment software in the form of XML or text files. Since we understand state specific laws, we type abstracts from all 50 states in India.

Our service helps you clear evening orders backlog same day!

3. Tax Certification

Any Piece of Property Tax certified perfectly brings serenity to the Owner.
Experience the rational approach to handle your real property Tax reporting for Tax certification.

Services to Title Insurance Companies
Infinity provides Tax Certification service either through online research or through call center to call treasurer's and collector's offices. We maintain complete up-to-date database of contact information of treasurer, collectors and various taxing authorities with their jurisdictions.

We provide Tax assessment, payment and delinquency status, good through date as part of certification process.

Services to Lenders:
We monitor the property tax payment on all your loans. We obtain the current property tax figure and ensure if it corresponds with the taxing authority's records. We report each property tax amount in time for you to make the required payment to the taxing authority.

We have property tax software solution designed to automate property tax valuation, rendition compliance, payment processing and management reporting for corporate real property tax departments.

Property Tax Reporting comprises of:

  • Monthly report list of all loans received: We monitor the amount of real property tax and all your loans owed on your property and if the taxes are being paid on time.
  • Conveying your tax information accurately and on time online order tracking
  • Loan Delinquency reports : We provide the list of all properties we search, with taxing authority information, tax identification number and the amount of past-due taxes, fully indexed to each delinquent loan. Delinquent notices which can be mailed to borrowers
  • Reminders to the delinquent borrowers
  • Tax payment / verification reports
  • Risk Management Reporting, including a Severity Report to track items eligible for tax sale.

Infinity's Delinquency Reporting Service provides delinquent property tax data on lender's non-escrow or non-impound loans. We call property tax information to determine if the taxes are paid or delinquent. You receive a list of all properties we searched, with taxing authority information, tax identification number and the amount of past-due taxes, fully indexed to each delinquent loan. Delinquencies can be delivered in loan number sequence or sorted to meet your specific needs.


If you wish, Infinity will send notices to your delinquent borrowers, and secure confirmation that the tax delinquency is paid. Your non-escrow loans will receive the individual attention they deserve.

4. Escrow Services Support

We provide back office support for PITI calculations, handle escrow account calculations, prepare timely reconciliation, exceptions handling, hazard certification process (flood, earthquake, etc), insurance tracking support and escrow administration.

We also handle escrow entry for last minute closings and escrow work up

5. Final Policy

Final Title Policy gets quintessential in a mortgage transaction. It's a breakthrough towards fulfillment of mortgage deal to both lender and owner.

Our policy Department, checks the filed documents, yet again, for accuracy we begin the process of preparing the final title policy by:

  • Making sure that the conditions on the commitment have been met
  • Making phone calls on all liens to verify that they have been paid and that a release will be sent to us
  • Checking the HUD Settlement Statement for insurance requirements and any endorsements that might be required
The policy is then typed, proofread and finalized in closing software. All you need to do is print it and mail to the appropriate party.

Our department also provides customer service to assist the lenders, brokers and customers with any post-closing questions or concerns they might have. Many of us are also cross-trained in other departments, allowing us to expedite service effectively and efficiently. 6. Closing Package Review

As a customized hub of Post-Closing, our closing package review activities have met the standard quality and client satisfaction.

Standard Quality Review Checklist is performed upon receipt of the executed loan package from the closing vendor including the task of altering the package according to the special requirements added by the lender and/or investor.

Our industrious Reviewers review:

  • Closing packages to check for accuracy - Lender-by-Lender
  • Incoming documentation to ensure the loan package meets note boarding, legal, credit administration, treasury and audit requirements,
  • loan packages in the Note Boarding department within published guidelines
  • They accomplish Document assignment preparation & Execution, Release preparation, documents retrieval, certification from builder, termite certificate, Check disclosure documents to complete the portfolio.
  • Call settlement agent to follow-up on policy, 
  • Search for mortgage releases
7. Title Recording

We are your perfect resort for Title Recording Services. The Deed and the Deed of Trust are recorded at Courthouse in every county in United States, indexed and forwarded to the concerned party. The recording is tracked throughout the process.

Recording is done by the support of our locally stationed large network of vendors throughout United States who are trained to ensure that the documents have been properly signed and notarized.

Our automated system calculates the exact statutory recording fees, postage, etc. to ensure the promptness that our customers expect in filing their documents. 8. Escrow Account Reconciliation Services

Escrow Account Reconciliation Services from Infinity protects your business investment. It gives emphasis to focus on specific escrow accounting issues, setting you free from other management duties.

  • We balance your escrow accounts from our office by working with your office and Financial Institution to provide timely, accurate and reliable account reconciliations.
  • Provide phone support to assist with correcting reconciliation exceptions.
  • Research and clear bank reconciliation exceptions in your office.
  • Train escrow staff on daily banking procedures.
  • Enhance staff on understanding of trust accounting.
  • Facilitate audit preparation and work with auditors.
  • Our Escrow account consultation task evaluates un-reconciled escrow accounts on a case-by-case basis to determine if a consultation is desirable.
  • Unmatched response time and service.
  • Professional and Caring service by title industry accounting experts.
Your benefits from our reconciliation:
  • Reduced escrow losses by exact trouble detection on time.
  • Timely account reconciliation for reduced underwriter audit concerns.
  • Current information on each file ledger transaction.
  • Increased control through advanced allocation of duties.
  • We can identify potential problems, cases of fraud, or employee theft before they become a crisis situation.

Your bank balance must equal your book balance, which, in turn, must equal your trial balance Bank charges, bank errors, returned items, changes made at the table or following settlement along with a seemingly uncooperative bank or accounting system contribute to the challenge of reconciling your trust account.

  • Bank balance after all corrections
  •     +Deposit in transit
  •     +Outstanding incoming wires
  •     +Debit not booked in current time period
  •     -Credit not booked in current time period
  •     -Outstanding checks
  •     -Outstanding outgoing wires
  • ---------------------------------------------------
  • = Balance in your software
We need following details to get started:
  • Your Underwriter(s) Name
  • Whether your trust accounts currently reconciled and in balance?
  • # of settlements per month
  • # of trust accounts
  • Financial Institution(s) where account(s) are maintained
  • What type of ledger do you maintain? Electronic or Manual
  • Accounting system currently in use
Fraud Prevention Tips:
  • Use Positive Pay. Send all your check information to bank prior to clearing. This way bank will pay only those checks which are listed by you.
  • Issue an ACH block on all Escrow Accounts. This will prevent anyone calling up and paying “their OWN bills” by using your account number such as cable, utilities, car payments, etc. via check by phone process.
  • Perform background investigations on all prospective employees
  • Conduct monthly reconciliations on all accounts and review closing files randomly and enforce vacation policies.
9. Title Appraisal Forms Data entry

All documents of Appraisal Back-Office Appraisals like URAR, 2055, Land detail records, REO appraisal, HUD appraisal, rent comparability study(including Residential, Commercial, Personal Property), Evaluation reports, Estimations, Addendums, Reviews, Inspection reports are processed.

10. Scanning and Indexing for Old Policy Files

We can help you scan documents with the help of high-speed scanners. We can scan your records, old policy files, title documents, etc. for storage and easy retrieval.