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Title Search

We conduct a thorough search in order to give you the most accurate information, enabling you to make an informed decision. We offer our customers complete residential search services, property reports. For your convenience, our reports and supporting documents are available on our secure Internet site . They can also be sent by email or fax as per your preference.

We conduct online/offline nationwide title search and document retrieval from, deed offices and private online title plants across the nation

Various Property Reports:

The complete picture of property and owner's status can be received with our following property and title reports.

1. Full Title Report

Full Title Report runs a complete ownership chain of title or full search of the property as defined by the title standards of each state.

Full Title Report includes:
  • Complete legal description
  • All deeds in the chain of title
  • Conveyance Information
  • Any and all encumbrances of record.  ( Easements/Restrictions/Rights-of-Way, list of all open Judgments and Tax Liens against the owners/property )
  • Plans, if available.  (If necessary we make a copy of the section of a map, which shows locus, and copy the recording information of the plan.)
  • Tax information including assessment information, payment status, special assessments and exemptions.
  • Encumbrances including all open mortgages/ deeds of trust, assignments, all other instruments pertaining to mortgage/deed of trust, judgments and UCC filings.
2. Current Owner Search/O & E Report /Property Information Report

  • Current deed
  • Open Deed of Trust
  • Judgments and Encumbrances
  • Current tax status

Property record searchers investigate property ownership records, report property location, provide a legal description and share details of the last and prior sale. In addition, a property record search can entail a deed search, a mortgage search and a tax search, so reports can include details of property deeds, mortgage documents, and property tax assessment and lien information.

We provide a review of the recorded documents affecting the subject property.

Above report includes:

  • Legal Description from Purchase Money Deed (Current Owner, Vesting type, Manner of title, etc.)
  • Current deed status of all mortgages/deeds of trust
  • Open Mortgages/Deed of Trust, Last Assignment of record, Subordination, Modification and all other instruments pertaining to Mortgage/Deed of Trust.
  • Appraisal Back-Office and Property Taxes
  • Open judgments and Tax liens
  • Current assessment of records

3. Ownership and Encumbrance (O & E) Property Report or Current Owner Report

Commonly known as One Owner or Current Owner Search. An O & E search shows current owner of record (deed) and any encumbrances like open mortgages, assignments, judgments, liens and taxes attaching to real property and affecting title of the property.

Ownership and Encumbrance Property Report includes:

  • Ownership and Encumbrance report provides current ownership information, as well as historical ownership data.
  • A legal description is provided as well, which includes subdivision, condominium, section, township, and range information.
  • Current tax amount on the property, the payment status, as well as the past years tax data
  • Open Mortgages/Deed of Trust, Last Assignment of record, Subordination, Modification, all other instruments pertaining to Mortgage/Deed of Trust, judgments and liens

Reports like O & E to 1 Owner and O & E to 2 Owner include Current and prior owner or owners deed, all open mortgages and their assignments, open judgments and tax liens and real estate taxes.

4. HELOC/Legal and Vesting Report

The HELOC or Legal and Vesting Report provides a concise overview of residential property vesting, with current ownership information of a property along with a legal description.

This Report includes:

  • Tax ID/parcel # or Tax info
  • Vesting/current ownership
  • Current deed and legal Description
5. Deed and Mortgage Search Report

  • Current deed to verify ownership and to give the legal description.
  • Any open mortgages or deeds of trust.
6. Deed Only Search

  • Copy of the current deed to verify ownership and give the legal description for mortgage recording.
7. Condominium Search

  • Master deed,
  • Amendments,
  • Declaration of Trust
  • Current list of Trustees
  • Most current phase
8. Mortgage Record Verification

Mortgage Record Verification service provides verification whether mortgage or deed of trust - has been recorded with the appropriate municipal office in a timely manner

Mortgage Record Verification report includes:

  • Mortgage Information including mortgagee and mortgagor information
  • Tax Information
  • Legal description
9. Mortgage Release Verification

Mortgage Release Verification service provides verification that the security instrument has been released at the appropriate municipal office in a timely manner after the underlying debt is repaid.

Mortgage Release Verification includes:

  • Mortgage release information
  • Tax information
  • Legal description

10. Land Title Report

Our Specialized services:

  • Oil and gas lease research and reports
  • Mineral and surface ownership reports
  • Rights-of-way
  • Easements
  • Access and related agreements on patented land, patented and unpatented mining claims

11. Final Policy Preparation

Final Title Policy gets quintessential in a mortgage transaction. It's a breakthrough towards fulfillment of mortgage deal to both lender and owner.
Our policy Department, checks the filed documents, yet again, for accuracy we begin the process of preparing the final title policy by:

  • Making sure that the conditions on the commitment have been met
  • Making phone calls on all liens to verify that they have been paid and that a release will be sent to us
  • Checking the HUD Settlement Statement for insurance requirements and any endorsements that might be required

The policy is then typed, proofread and finalized in closing software. All you need to do is print it and mail to the appropriate party.
Our department also provides customer service to assist the lenders, brokers and customers with any post-closing questions or concerns they might have. Many of us are also cross-trained in other departments, allowing us to expedite service effectively and efficiently.


Our Comprehensive Search Related Services
  • Search for Refinance and Resale
  • Bankruptcy Searches
  • Foreclosure Searches
  • State / County UCC Searches
  • 40-Year & 60-Year Title Searches
  • Miscellaneous Searches
  • Informational Searches
  • Municipal Searches
  • Rush Searches at quick turnaround time
Customized Search Products:
  • Deed, Mortgage & Assignment
  • Current owner update
  • Institutional lender update
  • Limited title update
  • Real property asset check
  • Appraisal Back-Office Tax Information

Benefits of our Reports include:

  • 1 to 24 hours turnaround for most orders
  • Full national coverage
  • Comfortable and vivid legibility