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The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) originated in the United States which has great importance for health insurances and outsourcing of Healthcare services. It was established in 1996. In general, the Act protects the privacy of an individual's health information and also takes care of the way certain health care providers collect and maintain information on health.


The HIPAA Medical Transcription Act seeks to establish security and confidentiality of all health care related data, standardized formats for all patient health data, unique identifiers for each individual and security mechanisms to ensure data integrity. A separate section on how a patient can claim his/her rights are included which is a vital part upholding the constitutional rights of the patient. Complaints can be filed under this section if the patient feels his/her rights have been violated.

HIPAA compliance:

All the services offered by any medical agency or any institution that governs health sectors need to comply with the rules of HIPAA. It is basically the legal system of the entire health related services. There are various rules regarding the running of a health care setup as well as the related functionalities. When it comes to medical transcription, you need to comply with all the rules of HIPAA Medical Transcription Services. You need to comply with all of them when you run an agency and if you don't, action can be taken against you.

We are totally a HIPAA compliant organization. We utilize a secure FTP site for transmission of documents. Our HIPAA procedures are modified to keep pace with HIPAA's requirements. Any ADT files secured from the client are transmitted via this secure FTP site.

HIPAA compliance includes a Policy and Procedures manual that encompasses Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security policies and measures practiced by our company. All our employees and MTs are trained in changing passwords and following all the guidelines recommended or required by HIPAA.