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Administrative Appraisal Reviews / Desktop Reviews
  Appraisal Management Companies - Virtual Office

AMC Registration (Administration of AMC Registration and Compliance Monitoring)

  End to End Solution for AMC registration process

  Updated database of AMC regulation

  Help fulfill all requirements for registering with dept of state and Appraiser boards

  Expertise & Knowledge about Foreign Corp/LLC requirements in respective states

  Vast Database of Registered Agents -Appointing competitive registered agent at attractive prices

  A fully complied list of necessary requirements for each state AMC registration and various form types
         (Hyperlink to forms)

  Tracking of AMC registration with each appraiser board and solving issues, if any

  Software in place to send automated reminders for Annual Fees to be paid

Vendor Management (New Vendor Sign up Appraiser, Brokers and Inspectors)

  Database with all vendor information, updated every 15 days. Constant Searches to add new Vendors

  Call and/or send emails to solicit vendors

  Collect all required documents for successful Vendor Sign-Up

  Timely reminders to preferred Vendors nearing expiration of Licenses & Insurance

  Upload signed contract in the system

Order Placement and Follow-up

  Selecting Vendors based on Proximity and Price

  Confirming acceptance of order and terms & conditions of engagement else Re-assign

  Tracking Appointment Schedule Date

  Confirming appointment done

  Follow up for submission of the reports

  Collect completed Orders

  Running through automate review and fixing all warnings

  Performing administrative Quality Control

Re-Allocation/Re-Assigning for revisions and updates

Client on-boarding Back-office Services

  Collect preferred vendors list or do not use list from lender-client and enter in system

  Enter all emails of clients for notification purpose in system

  Put in product-wise and county-wise pricing

  Upload signed lender-contract in the system

Order Entry and Order Delivery

  Get orders from client's LOS and Enter orders into AMC platform

  Run credit card payments for the orders placed

  Solve declined credit card issues

  Dispatch corrected orders to clients

  Print & mail Appraisal Report to Lender in Infinity's facility

Appraisal QC

  Administrative Quality Check of the Appraisal Report as per underwriting guidelines from the Lender.

  In case of rejections, send orders back to the Vendor for corrections and perform re-review

Accounts Payable

  Reminders to accounts dept to send out checks/ACH based upon vendor payment terms

  Send out email notification to vendors regarding payments

  Answer Vendor question regarding payment

Revenue Cycle Management

  Create client invoice and send along-with dispatch orders

  Posting clients payment against orders- Update check numbers/ACH details in software

  Collection or bad debts, if any - Track overdue payments and send gentle reminders to client by e-mail