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Title Plant Indexing
Title Plant Posting and Indexing

Having keyed millions of title documents, our expertise lies in Title Plant consultancy and Turnkey implementation to create digital title plants. We can help you create electronic title plant from any form of input documents - be it paper, microfilm, microfiche or Lot/Tract book, Aperture cards, or from digital images, etc. Some of the title plants that we have created date all the way back to patent. We have digitized back plant as well as "go forward" documents with excellent quality and turnaround time.

We can bring our scanners / microfilm reader at your site to help digitize records. Digitized property records could be posted or indexed by double entry process to achieve 99.995% character accuracy. At the client's discretion, we can offer solutions from India.

Our Title Plant Posting experts understand region specific title documents - we also specialize in arbing and aliquot sectors
Our Experience with Title Indexing

We have been keying more than 10,000,000 title documents per year, every year since the past few years. We are well aware that Legal description and local laws may change from county to county. Our data entry operators are fully trained to handle these variations.

We offer very high accuracy of typing (99.995%). We offer double key and triple verification process to ensure 99.995% accuracy.

Policy Scanning and Title Office Digitization

We can also help create "Policy Plant" to link policies to complete history of the property, including legal description. This helps title insurance companies to process repeat orders easily and create a "starter file".