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Abstractor Management
Title Vendor Management

Infinity sets a proficient workflow management system with experience and expertise required by the lender to efficiently manage the ordering, tracking and delivery of the vendor products.

(i) Managing your vendors
Management of your vendors from your existing database of abstractors, signing agents and closing agents is achieved by us, to the mark of your expectation. Our efficient work flow management and offshore expertise contribute towards cost efficiency scaling down the large expense of ordering, tracking and delivery. Business with us ensures you the perfect end product without strain and hassles of follow-ups. Commitment or property information report can be prepared directly into your system. Your vendors can be tracked and ranked by us in terms of quality, turnaround time, professionalism, responsiveness and accuracy of billing.

Our vendor management operations provide consistent expert vendor execution, assurance of competitive pricing, quality, delivery and an exceptional vendor-performance tracking system

(ii) Vendor Administration from our "Approved" vendor list


With a rich knowledge in title insurance and mortgage industry domain our vendor management expertise, work with Lenders, Credit Unions and Mortgage Brokers to capitalize on our 10,000+ "approved and tested" vendors for title throughout the nation.

Our monthly performance report let you know how we meet promises and rank our performance in each county.

Title Vendor Management
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