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Appraiser and Broker Vendor Management
Vendor Management (New Vendor Sign up Appraiser, Brokers and Inspectors)
  •   Database with all vendor information, updated every 15 days. Constant Searches to add new Vendors
  •   Call and / or send emails to solicit vendors
  •   Collect all required documents for successful Vendor Sign-Up
  •   Timely reminders to preferred Vendors nearing expiration of Licenses & Insurance
  •   Upload signed contract in the system
Order Placement and Follow-up
  •   Selecting Vendors based on Proximity and Price
  •   Confirming acceptance of order and terms & conditions of engagement else Re-assign
  •   Tracking Appointment Schedule Date
  •   Confirming appointment done
  •   Follow up for submission of the reports
  •   Collect completed Orders
  •   Running through automate review and fixing all warnings
  •   Performing administrative Quality Control
  •   Re-Allocation / Re-Assigning for revisions and updates